Secret Code Casino Slot Review

This 5-reel, 20-pay line slot from Net Entertainment who creates some of the best free casino slots within the online casino industry contains the kind of symbolism you expect to find in a production that references archaic events. This makes it especially intriguing given the time of its release seems to coincide with all the speculation regarding the activities of secretive organizations like the Illuminati and the Freemasons. Individuals who have a keen interest in uncovering such activities will have a great time playing this game and hopefully make some significant winnings in the process.


This online slot seems like the visual manifestation of the symbolism you’d expect to find in a Dan Brown film. The symbols used in this slot are all embellished with all manner of emblems and sketches that give you a feeling of being in some expedition through time and history stretching back to the era of painters like Leonardo da Vinci. Players should expect to encounter seals and rings that come in all manner of colours as well as a clue book, a magnifying glass, and a sand timer. Secret Code features a beautiful theme that is devised to create an atmosphere meant to trigger your dormant investigative side. Players who have been exploring all the different online casino slots and other casino games, like to popular Thai Sic Bo 3 ball game (เกมไฮโล3ลูก) which is the most popular casino game in Thailand. Players also hoping to find one that interests them can try playing it with no hassle at Bob casino with the Bob casino bonus 2020


The first feature of note in secret code is the auto play function which enables you to play a given number of spins that could number up to 1000. There’s a green button beneath the reels that serves both as a spin button and as a skill stop button. A skill stop button will enable you to stop the reels when necessary.

Bonus features

Secret Code features some bonus features that include Expanding Wilds, Scatters, and an additional bonus element. As you would normally expect, the Wilds replace any symbol except the bonus elements and the scatters. Having multiple scatters on the reels gives you an opportunity to trigger free spins which enable you to gain a multiplier any time you do so which increases your winnings once multiplied by it. The effect the multiplier has is limited, though, as it does have any effect on the bonus winnings. The second bonus round is triggered when three or more of the bonus symbols show up on the reels. You will be directed to a screen with mask-wearing statues that’ll be holding some chests. Your task will be to match the keys you will be presented with to the correct chest so as to get a prize.


There are some reasons that make the experience of playing Secret Code one hell of a treat beyond making substantial winnings. Chief among them is the beautiful interface that entices you into extending your playing time because of how intriguing it is. The accompanying soundtrack has all the dramatic effects that serve to bring all the symbolism, sketches, and emblems of the game to life. You can read a fun casino winner story about someone who paid their honeymoon because Secret Code slot paid our its jackpot!